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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Upcoming Hyundai AX1 2021 Micro SUV, Images Specification India Launch date

Hyundai is soon to launch Hyundai AX1, a car equipped with the best features in the micro SUV segment, which has been seen. This car will compete with cars of other companies including Maruti Ignis and Tata Motors, the upcoming car including Tata Motors. Know what will be special in Hyundai AX1?

HYundai Ax1 2021

Upcoming Hyundai AX1 2021 Micro SUV

Hyundai's micro-SUV seems to be a smaller version of the Venue. Its rear design is somewhat like the Maruti Ignis. Leaked photos indicate that it is largely a final model. Hyundai may unveil this small SUV early next year. However, the wait in the Indian market may be slightly longer. According to reports, Hyundai can introduce this small SUV in the Indian market by the end of the year 2021.

Hyundai, the premier automobile company making a splash in the mid-size SUV segment with cars like Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Venue, is soon to launch Hyundai AX1, a stunning car in the micro SUV segment, which will be launched in the coming days. Tata's upcoming mini SUV Tata H2X popular companies will compete with sedans and hatchback cars. Recently this car was spotted during testing in South Korea.

Hyundai AX1 Micro SUV Images

Hyundai AX1 2021 Micro SUV is estimated that its price in India can go from Rs 5 lakh (ex-showroom) to Rs 8 lakh (ex-showroom). Hyundai can equip this car with many latest features and it will be quite premium.

HYundai Micro SUV

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Maruti Suzuki launched the Maruti S-Presso in India last year and it is doing quite well. Apart from this, in the micro SUV space, Tata Motors will also bring a car based on the HBX concept, which will be launched in India next year. It can be named Hornbill. It is believed that Hyundai is going to compete with the micro SUV to bring the X1 to India, which can be launched in the year 2021.

Hyundai Upcoming cars in India 2021

Now Talk about the looks and design of the Hyundai AX1, it has a headlamp and taillamp at the top and its base is similar to the C-pillars. The special feature of this micro SUV is that it has disc brakes in both the rear and the front. Typically, cars in this segment only get disc brakes at the front. At the same time, talking about the engine and power of this Hyundai car, it will have a 3-cylinder 1.0-liter directional injection, turbocharged petrol engine with both manual and automatic transmission. It is believed that the electric variant of Hyundai AX1 Micro SUV will also be launched.

HYundai AX1

Micro SUV AX1 Specification India

The AX1 will be developed on the company's modern platform on which Santro has been developed. The company can offer the car with a lot of connectivity technology and can be seen with high ground clearance, tall columns and a great front face.


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